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The TAG Heuer Replica Carrera Telemeter Cal.18

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Hands-on: The TAG Heuer Carrera Telemeter Cal.18Baselworld 2014 was an odd one for TAG Heuer replica. After a long period of focus on the “avant garde”, the brand hit the show with the force of a minor neutron bomb with the introduction of its forthcoming CH80 chronographs. The CH80’s wowed the crowd with their blend of clean, classic good looks coupled with a modern in-house movement and semi-reasonable pricing. Soon after Basel, though, the first warning sign that something was amiss appeared when TAG Heuer replica decided, albeit in a good way, to make minor modifications to the pushers, dial, hands, and crown. Soon after, though, and in shocking fashion, the brand decided to cancel the eagerly awaited CH80 altogether right before it was to enter stores. The reasons given were that it made no sense to have two automatic chronograph movements and also thatTAG Heuer replica was going to focus the bulk of its resources on entry level TAG Heuer fake watches.


Needless to say, the TAG Heuer fake watches community was deeply disappointed. So, as we neared to 2015 at Basel, or slightly before, we were left wondering whether the brand was brand was poised for redemption with a new release. As you’ll read, we’ve been rewarded, but like so many comeback stories, this one, literally, comes at a cost.

The TAG Heuer replica Calibre 18 Chronographe “ Carrera Telemeter” was first shown a month or so prior to Basel and is on sale as you read this. When viewing the online pictures, I was intrigued, but I wasn’t truly convinced. What I mean to say is that I’ve seen so many different TAG Heuer replica retro pieces that I’ve become somewhat complacent and I withhold judgment until seeing them “in the metal.” Well, readers, I’ve seen and held the Carrera Telemeter and I can say that it is one gorgeous piece. It’s not without fault, but it is a TAG Heuer fake watches that tells us very clearly that despite the frequent concessions to pop culture by the brand, the purists are alive and well at TAG Heuer replica.150320_DSC_6068
So, there you have it and if you’re like me, you see some serious promise. First off, TAG Heuer replica chose a 39mm case for the Carrera Telemeter and the size is perfect. The lugs mimic the original 2447 and 3647 Carreras from the 1960’s and the design still works well today without looking dated. Further, TAG Heuer replica fitted the TAG Heuer fake watches with perfectly simple pushers and a nicely sized TAG Heuer replica crown. When looking at the TAG Heuer fake watches head-on, it’s impossible not to take notice of the thick, almost liquid-esque, domed crystal. I have a real “thing” for domed crystals and this application is no different. I’m sure that part of the reason for its thickness is to provide a relatively beefy water resistance, but there’s still no doubt that it enhances the looks of the TAG Heuer fake watches.

When talking about the dial itself, this is where it gets somewhat interesting for me. First off, I am fine with the writing on the dial but I actually find the “Heuer” marking a bit large. It’s strange but in person, it feels like it’s about 20% oversized. My other points of contention are related to the color selections themselves for the dial. TAG Heuer replica contends that the choice of opaline and anthracite were made to evoke the classic panda color combination. That’s fine but in person, I’d actually argue that the TAG Heuer fake watches looks highly aged to the point that stark contrast is lost in the mix between the gray and opaline. In fact, the dial almost appears as yellowish or ecru in person versus silver; this is something that is absolutely not evident in stock photos. Perhaps it is the antireflective coating playing tricks on my eyes in the presence of severely bright show lighting. In any case, I asked the good folks at TAG Heuer replica whether there is any plan to produce the Carrera Telemeter in a reverse color scheme. I didn’t even register a hesitation when receiving a solid “no” so let’s see. It sure would be nice, though.

Regarding wearability, trying the Carrera Telemeter on gave a fantastic feeling. It’s beautiful on the wrist and is well complimented with a leather-racing strap that has a shiny, Corfam-like look. The big Heuer folding buckle completes the look. Honestly, I was so impressed by this TAG Heuer fake watches despite my middling concerns about the blending color scheme; it just looks so good on the wrist and fits so well. TAG Heuer replica really nailed the size and proportions of the case and other attributes. As I mentioned earlier in the article, I’ve seen a lot of retro Heuers released, but this piece is the best one since the original TAG Heuer replica Carrera reissue from years ago.

Hands-On With The TAG Heuer Replica Carrera CH80

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Hands-On With The TAG Heuer Carrera CH80

During the introduction of the TAG Heuer replica Carrera CH80, both dial configurations were shown to us. The high-contrast color combination of black and white on the dial with the sporty looking red accents makes the new TAG Heuer replica Carrera CH80 a very attractive TAG Heuer replica  watch in our opinion. The perforated racing strap, that comes close to the design of the original leather Carrera straps, is made with a red lining, matching the red details on the dial.


Where the base design was kept as close to the original Carrera as possible, the case diameter has ‘matured’ to a more time-correct 41 mm. Although I personally, and as an owner of a late 1990s re-edition of the 35 mm TAG Heuer replica Carrera CS3110, would have opted for a bit more modest increase of the case diameter. The added date is a new feature and, with its position at 4:30 o’clock, leaves the original layout untouched.

The new TAG Heuer Carrera CH80 features an in-house manufactured movement. Made in the Chevenez (in the Swiss Jura region) workshop and has an impressive 80-hour power reserve. These two facts were the key components for the naming of this movement – the CH80 – which measures just 6.5 millimetres in thickness and consists of no less than 233 parts in total.

The new TAG Heuer replica Carrera CH80 will also be available on a metal bracelet.


Introducing The TAG Heuer Replica Carrera Mikrograph Avant Garde, In Black Titanium And Rose Gold

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The original Mikrograph was introduced in early 2011 and was the first wrist chronograph to measure accurately down to 1/100th of a second. The central hands spins cleanly around the dial once per second and is astounding to TAG fake watch. The Avant Garde is a limited edition update to the Mikrograph with a combination black titanium and rose gold case, giving the TAG fake watch an updated look and a lower price. We were able to go hands-on with one of only fifty pieces at the TAG Heuer replica  boutique in New York City and here are our thoughts.

The outer ring of the dial is black with white applied numerals and the inner section of the dial is a dark brushed grey, again playing with subtle differences in color and texture. The subdials are accented in rose gold and both the runnings seconds hand and the “100 Mikrograph” signature up top are also rose gold, carrying through the color from the lugs and pushers.

Just looking at the Avant Garde, you’ll notice it has a much sportier feel than the original Mikrograph. The main section of the case is black titanium, accented by architectural rose gold lugs and pushers. This makes the hefty 43mm case much lighter than it looks and the finishing all around is really nice. The brushed and polished surfaces offer just enough contrast while staying sleek and the finishing on the lugs is incredible. It’s definitely a big TAG fake watch but it wears well on the wrist and isn’t a piece you’d have to leave in your safe all the time.

The layout of the functions is very intuitive. The large white seconds hand tracks 1/100ths of a second, the register down at 6 o’clock (also containing a date window) tracks the seconds, and the register at 3 o’clock tracks up to 30 minutes. The retrograde indicator at 12 o’clock is for the chronograph function’s 90 minute power reserve. You’ll notice that the indicator is marked up to 100, not 90, so this is a percentage, not the number of minutes left.

The original Mikrograph was a limited edition of 150 pieces and the Avant Garde is limited to only 50 pieces, available exclusively through TAG Heuer replica boutiques. Because of the titanium construction, the price is $39,000, substantially less than the $50,000 price TAG Heuer replica placed on the all gold original.