Month: October 2018

Cheap Tag Heuer Replica Reboots Classic with the New Link Lady

Published / by avant1replicawatches

A reboot of the original, the new Link Lady features the Cheap Tag Heuer Replica unusual combination of a cushion-shaped case and sculpted s-shaped links.

As anyone who was young in the late 1980s or 1990s can attest, the TAG Heuer S/el – short for “sport elegance” – was one of the quintessential Tag Heuer Replica Watches of the era. Endlessly copied and aggressively advertised, the S/el was defined by its s-shaped bracelet links, a feature TAG Heuer later ported over to its successor, the Link.

While the original S/el now looks hopelessly outdated, the restyled Link Lady manages to look contemporary while retaining the distinctive bracelet design. The Tag Heuer Replica case is now cushion-shaped, while the bracelet links more angular, as well as more carefully finished with brushed top surfaces and polished bevels.

Design aside the Link Lady is a typical, sporty ladies’ wristwatch. The Cheap Replica Watches case is 32mm in diameter, with a quartz movement inside. Dials are mother of pearl in various colours, along with the option of diamonds on the dial and bezel.

The entry-level models are stainless steel, while the top of the line Replica Watches  models are in black ceramic – case as well as bracelet – in either a polished or matte finish.