TAG Heuer replica Link series of men’s stainless steel watch

As the watch industry pioneer has a tab, 100 year history of the tag heuer still uphold the original concept, is committed to the development of accurate and reliable, the appearance of the watch, watch the most avant-garde, fashion, and has a large number of reliable and practical functions, with exquisite style and superior movement won numerous watch enthusiasts. After Link series ladies watch to create brilliant achievements in 2017, Basel watch and Jewellery Show, TAG Heuer replica force once again launched a new Lincoln series of men’s stainless steel watch, to commemorate the 30th anniversary series. New watch not only has a stylish full style, and in the details of polishing, and performance is high, has become a high-profile show table based one table. Let’s take a look at it: (watch model: WBC2111.BA0603)

In place detail handles delicate, tough textures

The Lincoln series, which began in 1987, is the most recognizable design of the iconic S link, which can be identified almost at a glance. It is not only a landmark design, but also very ergonomic, smooth lines and details of the polished, so that the wearing of the watch texture is very superior. The top, bottom and sides of each link are polished and smooth, instead of sharp edges and corners, so that they feel particularly smooth when worn on the wrist. In addition, the 22 arranged S link is beautiful and fashionable, and conforms to the modern aesthetic standards.

Steel case display
After 41 mm stainless steel case and bezel side by polishing treatment showing excellent visual effect, the front is polished by drawing, showing steel material is another kind of charm, the watch has a sense of hierarchy, entertaining.

Steel crown display
Stainless steel watch ear after polishing on its excellent texture, engraved with the tag heuer LOGO pattern, exquisite crown with anti-skid texture decoration, the cheap replica watches is very convenient, accurate debugging in place.

Silver plated dial display
Silver dial, luminous coating and stereo calibration when the central needle are covered, even in the dark environment can also observe the time, very convenient. 3 standard location date display window, clear accurate design, the time is more intuitive.

TAG Heuer Calibre 5 automatic upper chain movement
Watch the back through the process, through the sapphire crystal glass cover, the movements at a glance, do not have some fun. Equipped with TAG, Heuer, Calibre 5 automatic chain movement, to ensure accurate travel time. Has 38 hours of power reserve, waterproof rating of 100 meters.

Model S steel link
Stylish full of “S” type stainless steel links showing a full sense of design and ornamental, very beautiful. Equipped with a steel folding table buckle, the wrist replica watches can be well protected, and the wrist is safe and reliable.

Summary: the classical and stylish full of TAG Heuer Link replica series of men’s stainless steel luxury replica watches, set the brand’s unique DNA type “S” chain and outstanding tabulation process as a whole, pure steel can represent more tough men and atmospheric quality. It is a good choice whether in aesthetics or in design or in practice.