To commemorate the years TAG Heuer Replica C Luo special custom models

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Brought up to pitch to attract players who dash from Maradona, Van Basten, Zidane and now C-Lo, because they fell in love with this man I exercise. Football accompany me from elementary school to college and then to work along the way, leaving behind many good memories.

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Although the experience of an accident injuries, so I can not return to the game again, but the share is still always worried about my heart. Similarly, the TAG Heuer replica watches has been fascinated I grew up, the first piece of Tissot just work from the beginning, gradually deepening awareness of the watch, maybe like sports and professional reasons, for sports and rough mad style table paragraph has been a soft spot, too slowly like TAG Heuer sports gene.


Occasionally TAG Heuer replica watches once home to see this year’s Baselworld launched a C Luo special customized watch, when it was deeply attracted. Unfortunately, the counter is not available, but also need to pay a deposit to wait three months, began to launch a friend of all travel abroad, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Europe, told a pass, finally got his wish.


Although this is only a quartz TAG Heuer replica watches, but especially after all the style, meaning different. TAG Heuer replica watches the value lies not only in itself, but more importantly for the wearer’s sense, for me, CR7 is not just a TAG Heuer replica watches, it is a period of years, a kind of memorial.